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It's Time to Wake Up!

If the past week has showed us anything it’s that the times of sitting by and being silent are over…at least they should be. Recently, New York passed a bill that would allow abortion through the third trimester. Now many in favor of this bill will argue that this is something that is only there to protect the lives of women, but one small (major) change in the wording of this bill has changed everything. To perform an abortion up until birth, there does not need to be a threat to life, but any kind of ‘harm’ would allow a physician to do so. Today I watch a video from Virginia of a similar legislation trying to be past. As Democratic Delegate Kathy Tran was asked about her bill that would allow abortions to be legal up until birth, I was felt many emotions (I will post a link to this video below). This bill would allow a physician to perform an abortion for reasons of physical or mental health while the woman is in labor, seconds before the baby is born. I usually avoid saying certain things that are very polarizing, but when you think about ending the life of a baby just seconds before it is born, there is only one word that comes to mind… “murder”.

I cannot count how many times I have heard people say that if I don’t agree with abortion then that is fine but that shouldn’t have any effect on other people’s life and choices. Now, 99.9% of the time I would tend to agree with this position, that my opinion isn’t anywhere near important enough to control someone’s life and choices, but things change with it’s in the context of abortion. Abortion is a human rights issue, not just the kind of issue that you can have an opinion on but you might as well keep it to yourself. No, this is an issue that we have the moral obligation to confront and stop. Now I know this won’t be the best analogy and everyone won’t really like that I am using it, but to me, it’s the same…here goes. Could you imagine living during the time of slavery, seeing the evil on display, and saying to someone, “I know you think slavery is bad, but that is your opinion, it’s not effecting your life so you should just move on!” No, nobody would say something like that after we have witnessed an America without slavery. We would see the atrocities of slavery and speak out against it with everything we have inside of us because we know that every human life is precious, valuable, and worth the same.

As you could tell, I have not looked at the topic of abortion in a Biblical/Christian perspective, but simply from the perspective of a human being. For this post, I just wanted to focus on the position of being human.


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