• Kody Dowell

Introduction to the blog

Hello! While creating the new website I had the idea the idea of creating a pastoral blog that I could update from time to time. My intentions are to cover a wide variety of topics from personal experiences, theological topics, and current events that are happening in our society and culture today. I realize that many would probably have very littler interest in what I have to say about most things, I mean I can't really blame them for that! But I think writing is always a great thing, just like taking time to read on a consistent basis. If you think you would be interested in reading about some of the things that I mentioned, leave a comment with a suggestion or just like this post.

I know that I have many weaknesses as a writer so I hope that you will show me some grace and mercy during this, because I know that I will need it. I look forward to sharing my heart and thoughts from time to time and reading your comments and feedback.

-- Pastor Kody Dowell

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